The terrain in the Bear Paws Mountains is very diverse, containing prairie land that flows into the foothills which transition into mountains.  These mountains vary in elevations from 3,000ft to 7,000ft. This does not seem overwhelming but can be very misleading to most. All hunting takes place in the mountains, which consists of large conifer stands to numerous aspen patches.


Clear Creek Hunting offers world class archery elk hunting. The Bear Paw Mountains are a special draw only for elk.  There are a very limited number of bull tags issued for this unit, which makes it very difficult to draw a tag. However, it also offers some of the best elk hunting in the lower 48. It is very common for mature bulls in this unit to score 330-370, with the top end going in the 380-400 plus range. We use spot and stalk tactics along with some calling and have become very effective at this method of hunting. 


Whitetail Deer are also found through out the ranch and can be pursued with a bow or rifle. We have the same management practices for whitetail as we do Mule Deer. This means we keep harvest numbers low and only harvest mature bucks.  Most mature whitetail bucks score in the 130-140, with the top end scoring in the 150-160 class.  When hunting for whitetail, we do a lot of sitting and glassing pinch points that lead from bedding areas to feeding areas.


Mule Deer are found in abundance in the Bear Paws, and you can chase them with a bow or rifle.  Clear Creek Hunting has a very strict management plan for the ranch and other properties we lease. We take a very low number of hunters and we only try to harvest bucks that are 5 1/2 years of age and older.  By doing this, we do not over harvest, which this enables the bucks to reach their true potential and spread their genetics.  Most mature bucks in this region range in the 150-160 class, with the top end scoring in the 170-190 class.  A typical day of Mule Deer hunting consists of walking to vantage points and picking the mountains apart with optics, this has proven to be very effective.


Clear Creek Hunting also offers self-guided hunts for varmints.  These hunts are done in the spring before the vegetation gets too tall.  Self-guided bird hunts are also available. You can find Grouse, Pheasant, and Turkey on the ranch.